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An award winning educational travel consultancy specialising in the design and organisation of international immersion programs for business schools and their executives.

Our mission is to help connect and inspire future leaders by exploring the world of business - and hearing how companies and entrepreneurs are creating change. We believe that sharing experiences makes for a more meaningful and powerful way to learn, and the best way to appreciate the real issues which corporates, politicians and entrepreneurs are facing every day is by hearing from them directly.

Our co-founders, both EMBA graduates, met in China on an immersion program and immediately connected on a shared vision: “to create a dynamic company that helps leading business schools build ‘lifetime experiences’ for their students.”

Together, they developed an inspiring and rewarding suite of global immersion programs — practical experiences which quickly became the best part of an MBA students’ project and possessed the ability to transform their perspectives on management and leadership.

What began with a focus on 3 destinations and a handful of business school partners, has since expanded into a global organisation with a network in over 40 countries – shaping the business perspectives of over 7,000 students. We call this our community – the stories and shared experiences of which continue to humble and inspire us every day. By helping us to see the world in new ways, our community drives us to keep creating the most awesome and innovative immersion programs possible.

Our Values

Lead with heart

We care for each other, our clients, our environment and the communities we work in. Understanding and having empathy makes us stronger as a company – and most importantly, as people.

Live with audacity

We thrive upon a power to adapt and boldly embrace change to help our clients, our partners and ourselves to continuously innovate and find unique and unexpected solutions.

Passion in everything

This isn’t just a job; it’s a calling. We are fuelled by a drive to help our clients succeed and are proactive in converting this passion into action – whilst helping our partners to do the same.

Exceed all expectations

We go above and beyond the call of duty, to provide unparalleled experiences for our clients and help them to achieve and advance further along the line.

Put people first

We are authentic and honest in our interactions and act openly, honestly and respectfully – building relationships with our clients and accumulating the trust of our partners to deliver unwavering support.

Excellence guaranteed

From the standard of our services to the skillset of our team, we ensure absolute quality in everything which we put our name to – so we can gain the total trust of our clients and partners, to enable them to do better.

Our track record

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Meet the team

We are a team of designers, thinkers, explorers and doers. We approach our work with curiosity and experimentation, using what we learn to constantly innovate and make sure the next program is always better than the last.



South African born entrepreneur and global traveler with a passion for social entrepreneurship and social impact. An Executive MBA alumnus with a fascination for interplay between business excellence and human performance. Has designed and led over 100 immersions with MBAs from all walks of life. Never gets tired.



Multicultural background with a law degree and EMBA but an entrepreneur at heart with extensive experience connecting executives from all over the globe. Passion is to positively impact the world by creating enriching experiences for great thinkers and doers so they may connect and innovate. Expertise in disruptive business models, innovation strategies and future mega trends.



Event Management graduate who started her career as an international conference organiser in Rome. A perfectionist with deep travel expertise working globally with partners on every continent. Loves nature and animals and is passionate about on-the-road travels, world food and spending time with her family and friends.



Passionate programme manager with strong client communication skills and a background in finance. A graduate of TalTech University in Tallinn with a specialisation in Finance and Management who shares a big love of sustainability and the environment. Enjoys meeting new people and networking, has a great sense of humor and appreciates innovation, traveling, people, and sports. A proud Ukrainian.



Born in France, raised in the UK, fascinated by modern China – A true world citizen and admirer of human diversity and ingenuity that is dedicated to designing awesome programs. Studied Economics and Management at Durham and is passionate about promoting cultural exchange and understanding the opportunities and challenges of doing business in different countries.



Financial guru with a background in banking and a deep expertise in specialist funding and turnaround strategy. Loves excel spreadsheets almost as much as his air bike (CrossFit fan). The buck stops with him.



Instagram networking guru and conservationist with a family background in the tourism and hospitality industry. Extremely well-travelled with a sincere passion for education and knowledge-sharing. A Director of the Mantis Group and the Worldwide Experience and good mates with Bear Grylls.



Based in Beijing. Our pivotal man in China. Worked in the local travel and hospitality industry for the last two decades and is a senior director of various Chinese tourism companies. Extensive local knowledge and a deep understanding of cross-cultural management enable him to build effective relationships for our partners looking to take advantage of China’s burgeoning market.



A passionate Capetonian with expert organisational skills coming from a rich travel agency background. Manages all of Legacy’s ground activity in Africa having worked with the company for over ten years specialising in MBA programs. Believes nothing is ever too much trouble for clients and no challenge cannot be overcome.



Multicultural background with a strong desire to ensure client satisfaction and a wanderlust spirit. Holds a Master’s degree in Management and an undergraduate in Marketing. Her enthusiasm lies in problem-solving and creating the most effective programs possible. Enjoys meeting people from diverse backgrounds and a keen interest in exploring different cuisines, which makes her a foodie at heart.



A language graduate with more than 10 years experience in Education and Events Management, Gemma is passionate about promoting intercultural exchange and bringing people together to have memorable experiences. She has an incredible eye for detail, ensuring programs are thoughtfully designed and executed. She was born and raised in Wales but has lived in 6 countries, travelled to 38 and studied 7 languages and feels truly international. In her free time, she loves going to the beach, reading in nice cafes, yoga and spending time with friends and family.



A globally immersed individual who has travelled to over 57 countries. She holds a Master’s degree in International Business and Marketing Management and takes pride in having worked with talented and driven people from various nationalities. Empowered to constantly reimagine perspectives and explore possibilities within logistics, travel and operations.



Katya is a language aficionado who completed her studies at Warwick University, with a focus on Spanish and Italian. Her keen interest lies in global affairs, particularly in understanding the ongoing processes of political, economic, and social transformation shaping Eastern Europe and Eurasia. Following her undergraduate studies, Katya pursued a Master’s degree in Russian and Eurasian Politics and Economics at King’s College London. She has experience in research, operations, and open-source intelligence and enjoys working with people from all over the world. She dreams of a truly inclusive and peaceful world.

“Working with Legacy has been an absolute delight. They are very skilled in understanding what the client wants, tailoring a set of experiences and providing organization that makes everything work perfectly”

Professor David Sims

Emeritus Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Bayes Business School

Our Partners

We collaborate with many of the world’s leading business schools to form longstanding and mutually valuable relationships. Below is a sample list of some of our happy partners.

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