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By: Robin O'Connor
Senior Programme Manager

Since 2016, my journeys through China have taken me from the bustling streets of Beijing to the manufacturing hubs of the East, and even the remote mountainous villages of Sichuan. Each corner of this vast nation has left an indelible mark on me. I've come to cherish China's blend of cutting-edge technology, monumental scale, and its rich tapestry of language and culture.

China has always been at the core of my academic and professional life. It was a gap year working in Xiamen after high school that ignited a passion for international business as I went on to study Economics and Management at university. That course sponsored a summer internship to Chengdu, which highlighted the transformational impact of international immersion programs, and inspired me to join the team at Legacy Ventures.

The Legacy Ventures team are so excited that China is now open and that soon we can help Business school students explore this fascinating country. Only by stepping foot in China can one truly grasp the staggering scope of its development, and witness first-hand how cutting-edge technologies have transformed society.

During my recent inspection visit to China, it was a great pleasure to reconnect with partners and rekindle our network there.

Here are four aspects of life in China that stood out during my visit.

1. Despite the scorching summer temperatures, tourist spots were buzzing with life, and masks were a rare sight, signalling a society on the mend.
2. The continued investment in infrastructure is striking. The nation remains commitment to bringing opportunities and economic prosperity even to its remotest corners with its impressive network of high-speed rail and motorways.
3. The Chinese electric vehicle market is undergoing a remarkable transformation, with a dazzling array of brands vying for prominence.
4. The sheer efficiency of e-commerce never ceases to amaze. Having fresh fruit delivered to your doorstep at midnight within a mere 15 minutes of ordering encapsulates modern China.

At Legacy Ventures, we look forward to welcoming groups back to China in coming months. We can’t wait to help students rediscover this nation’s extraordinary innovation and culture. Contact us today and let the journey begin!

Legacy Ventures has built a network of startup and innovation hubs in over 20 cities around the world from Silicon Valley to Beijing, Berlin to Cape Town. All our programs explore the latest technology trends and the digital economy, provide high level immersions with some of the world’s most forward thinking companies and include discussions and fire side chats with some of the brightest minds. Finally, all our programs include meaningful interactions with the Universities that sit at the heart of these eco-systems. Join us in discovering the next generation of disruptors. Lead. Learn. Inspire

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