China update: Latest news on the pandemic and travel to China

08.09.2020: The number of new infections in China remains remarkably low when compared to other countries. Chinese officials have recently begun campaigning for the resumption of international tourism and experts are confident that international travel to China will fully resume at the beginning of 2021.

Why you should consider China as a destination for your next global immersion

The number of infections in China remains remarkably low with only 180 active cases as of September 7. Life in China has returned to relative normality.  The economy has reopened, students have already returned to school and everyone is making plans for the Golden Week Holiday which will run from October 1st to October 7th as well as the Mid-Autumn Festival.

China continues opening up its trade and services to the outside world and plans to promote high-quality development and innovation, despite the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, and this month Beijing will hold the 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services. Hosting such a large event clearly indicates China’s confidence and determination to further open up its economy and borders to foreigners. China is also projected to be the only major economy that can expect its GDP to grow in 2020. The country’s economic recovery from the pandemic in the last quarter of the year will gain a lot of momentum with demand and Consumer Confidence Index bouncing back to their pre-COVID levels. Another reason making China an exceptional choice for global immersions in 2021 are its pilot free trade zones (FTZs), which have have attracted a lot of foreign investment in the first half of the year, despite downcast sentiment in the global market. Lingang Special Area, Shanghai’s latest Pilot Free Trade Zone, was launched in August 2019 and has attracted approximately 1.9 billion U.S. dollars of foreign investment between January-July 2020. 



Beijing Capital International Airport has reopened and initially resumed international flights to 8 countries and these include Thailand, Cambodia, Greece, Denmark, Pakistan, Sweden, Austria and Canada. The resumption of these travel routes can be considered as a crucial step in the process of reopening Chinese borders to international travel. For the time being, the total number of flights arriving at the  Beijing Capital International Airport is limited to approximately 5 arriving flights per day and the total number of passengers arriving on all flights combined will be capped at roughly 500 people per day. After a successful test run, this number will gradually increase to 1,000 travellers. The number of passengers on aircraft to China will be capped at 75% on flights coming from a country with “high risk” of coronavirus transmission in an effort to contain the number of imported cases through air travel. China is also preparing for a considerable surge in domestic travel as the COVID-19 epidemic has been curbed in most regions, with train tickets to many destinations already gone for the first day of the National Day holiday on Oct 1. 

With the gradual resumption of international travel Chinese authorities clearly indicate the desire to reopen the country to international travel to allow foreign tourists back into the country. The steps the government is undertaking coupled with China’s very efficient strategy of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic brings hope for the resumption of international travel and inspires optimism that foreign tourists will soon be welcomed into China.  

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